Yatra begins at Una bus stand 65 Km from Shahatalai the places on the way to visit are:

Pehla Darshan (Badsar)


Badsar is the first halt which is approximately 52Km from Una bus stand, buses and private taxies are available at Una bus stand. One can also travel by state road transport bus service available at Una bus stand. "JAI BABE DI".

Doosra Darshan (Shaha Talai)


Dusra Darshan the second halt is at Shahatalai where you can have darshan of "Maa Ratno Temple" and "Garuna Jahdi" (Thorny bush) which is half  km from Maa Ratno Temple "JAI BABE DI".

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Teesra Darshan (Cave)

Tisra Darshan the third halt is at Gufa (cave) of Baba Ji at Deot Sidh were all pilgrims have darshan of Baba Ji "JAI BABE DI".


Cautha Darshan (Charan Paduka)

After having darshan at Gufa(Cave)devotees go for darshan of Baba Ji's foot marks. These foot mark's of Baba Ji came when  flew from Shah Talai to Deot Sidh stepped first at this place known as Chanran Paduka which is almost 500 mtrs. from Baba Ji's cave. "JAI BABE DI"

Panchva Darshan (Bharta Hari Temple)

Panchva Darshan Is of Raja Bharthari Ji way to his temple is opposite Baba Ji's Cave . After climbing about 100 stairs one reaches Temple . Adjoining Bhrtahari Ji's temple Mahant Kripal Giri & Shakti Giri's temple is situated who were one of the main head in the temple " JAI BABE DI".

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Sidh Pith
11/2 km away from Baba Ji's cave hare Baba Ji's Guru's place is situated hare all "JAI BABE DI"

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The entire 5.5km approximate route is quite wide. Beside's this whole path is lite up every night by powerful sodium vapour lamps. The whole route is cleaned from time to time through the day. Yatris are requested to keep the path clean. Drinking water has been made available all along the route, with water coolers and storage facilities. After the tracking of 5.5km from Shahtalai you would reach Deot Sidh (Bhawan), the holy cave of Shri Baba Babalak Nath Ji.
On reaching the Bhawan keep your belonging and luggage items in clock room.
Buy/prepare prashad ( Rot & Halwa) from shops situated at the shrine entrance of Bhawan "JAI BABE DI".

Jai Babe Di